About Xeggex

Xeggex is a centralized exchange specializing in small to medium sized capitalized assets. Xeggex supports multiple blockchain networks. Xeggex strives to maintain a low cost to entry for smaller assets while also providing high class service and a great user interface.

Xeggex was started in October 2021 by partners Karl and Walter in Germany. The original plan was to try and cater to Binance Smart Chain assets. However, after several unsuccessful weeks in that market, it was decided to open up to any asset and start with low to middle capitalization assets.

In January 2022, Xeggex secured additional investment from an outside party and currently Karl is working to create a business entity in Seychelles, which is a crypto friendly country. Our future plans are to have Seychelles as our official location for correspondence and other matters. After the company is formed and ready, we will post that information here.

The investment party is also providing guidance and oversight into our procedures, as this is an area they have some experience with.

Our goal is to provide a safe and friendly atmosphere for anybody who wants to trade crypto to crypto, no matter who they are or where they are from. We do not anticipate needing to implement any KYC procedures in the future with the services we currently offer.

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