Rainy Day Fund

Our Priority is Your Security

In order to provide investors with a safe and secure trading environment when trading on our platform, XeggeX is committed to funding an emergency insurance reserve we call the 'Rainy Day Fund'

XeggeX will continue to allocate a portion of it's revenue into the Rainy Day Fund on a continuous basis in perpetuity.

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Last Update: 1/1/1970, 12:00:00 AM


Who benefits from the XeggeX Rainy Day Fund?

XeggeX users and the XeggeX trading platform are protected by the fund. When a user's loss is not a consequence of their own actions or behaviour on our platform, XeggeX is committed to protecting their funds with the XeggeX Rainy Day Fund.

Who is NOT covered in the XeggeX Rainy Day Fund?

Cryptocurrency trading is subject to high market risk, and we encourage all our users to make their trades cautiously. As per XeggeX's official Risk Disclosure and compliance policies, XeggeX is not responsible for trading losses and, as such, these incidents will not be covered by the XeggeX Rainy Day Fund. Attempting to commit fraud or abuse on the XeggeX platform also excludes such individuals from coverage in the XeggeX Rainy Day Fund.

The XeggeX Rainy Day Fund explicitly, but not exhaustively, does not cover incidents where the user is deceived into authorising a transaction or mistakenly authorises a transaction. This also extends to cases where there appears to have been an unauthorised transaction, but no external transfers have been made.

How do I make a claim?

System wide issues or issues affecting many users will be automatically identified by XeggeX for claim processing.

In the rare and regrettable event that an individual user may require aid from the XeggeX Rainy Day Fund, the user should contact the XeggeX Security team at [email protected] within 30 days of the incident

Users should ensure that they have filed a police report in their local jurisdiction prior to contacting XeggeX, and submit a copy of the police report to our team. We will use all the information provided by the user to conduct a forensic investigation and determine fair compensation.

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