Market Making Service

Are you an asset developer who would like help making your markets more attractive to users?
Crypto Liquidity Providers are often misunderstood and interpreted as some kind of "market manipulators". So first let’s clearly define what Market Making is: Market Making comes from traditional financial markets and describes an entity that helps keep markets of an asset healthy. Meaning, providing liquidity for buying and selling that asset. This is vital because as a buyer of a token you want to purchase an asset (close to) the last price. In technical terms a market makers job is described as keeping the spread in the order book of an asset as tight as possible. Here is where we can help. We can provide you the tools to achieve this for your markets. The aim is – besides making an immediate effect of being a more attractive market to trade on – to enable markets to grow organically by attracting more buyers and sellers who then themselves provide more liquidity.

How it works

Candles: before

When a trader views the chart of the token on the exchange and views blank candles in the 30m time span, "the currency is dead" is the first thought that comes to mind. This condition is not good.

Artificial formation

Candles: after

We grant liquidity to your trading pairs. Traders can buy and sell a token or coin instantly without missing a spread. Micro orders are executed to keep your candlesticks in good formation.

Artificial formation

Orderbook Spread

Spread: before

Spreads are the variation in the ask (sell) price and the bid (buy) price of the market. There are mainly two prices provided in a currency pair, the bid, and the ask price. You can see how it works in the chart below.

Artificial formation

Spread: after

Closing this spread to less than 2% is a sign of a healthy market. In general, places like CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap only give good health rank scores to markets with spreads under 2%.

Artificial formation
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